How to enable OpenShift service catalog components in Minishift

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Note: This only works with OpenShift version >= 3.10.x

There are two ways to enable OpenShift service catalog components in Minishift.

The recommended method is to run the minishift openshift component add command when your cluster is already running:

$ minishift openshift component add service-catalog
$ minishift openshift component add automation-service-broker
$ minishift openshift component add template-service-broker

You can also enable components during minishift start. This is still one of Minishift’s experimental features, so you wll need to set the environment variable MINISHIFT_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL in order for it to work:


Then run minishift start with extra flags to enable catalog components:

$ minishift start --extra-clusterup-flags "--enable=*,service-catalog,automation-service-broker,template-service-broker"
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