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Born in England in October 1993 to Irish parents, I moved to county Sligo 18 months later, where I lived right up until I was 22.

17 is quite a young age to decide what career path you’re going to take, but that’s the way it is. I hadn’t a clue what I wanted to do, so I chose software development. It wasn’t a totally random choice as I always had an interest in computers, but it was still a step into the unknown.

Looking back I am so happy with the path that I chose - I love programming and everything that goes with it (even the meetings). In my spare time you might find me learning a new language or reading about yet another JavaScript framework that I apparently need!


I have 2 years’ experience as a professional software engineer, working mostly with JavaScript, PHP or C# complimented with a number of other technologies.

I am currently working at Red Hat as a software engineer where we primarily work on the OpenShift platform with Golang.

Before that I was employed as a full stack software engineer at Qpercom. My main role was to develop a web application built using AngularJS, Slim Framework (PHP) and MySQL, but I also worked on a number of side projects that included moving some of our applications to Docker, upgrading the main website’s UI and implementing a code-review process with the help of Gerrit.

Before Qpercom I did a five month paid internship in Vulcan Solutions (since acquired by Codec-dss). I joined an agile team of four experienced engineers where I helped to develop Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions and ASP.NET web applications.

If you want to know more about my experience, check out my LinkedIn profile.


I studied Computing in Software Development for four years at IT Sligo. For the first three years the focus was on object-oriented programming, primarily on the .NET platform with C#. In third year there was a group project and a three-month industry work placement.

The fourth year was optional - we learned ​advanced software development concepts and techniques, including artificial intelligence, advanced .NET programming, mobile development and human computer interaction.

I graduated from IT Sligo in 2016, receiving an award for finishing with the highest GPA in my class.

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